Have you heard of Affinity at Serangoon? Its name alone excites property investors all across Singapore. There are three attractive features that make Affinity a good property investment. Affinity at Serangoon boasts an astounding array of condo features, including a floating boardwalk, reed garden, river path, mist gard, sanctuary lawn and zen garden, on top of the regular suite of facilities that regular condominiums are equipped with. Top of the board amenities are sure to attract buyers that fetch the biggest dollars. As a new launch condo, Affinity at Serangoon is projected to have a steady price appreciation due to factors such as construction cost, renewal of lease and development charge. Therefore, Affinity at Serangoon more than makes up for its higher property prices by allowing residents to save on monthly servicing fees. Units at Affinity at Serangoon range from 1-bedroom at 463 sqft to 5-bedroom started landed unit at 2347 sqft. This variety caters to homeowners of different backgrounds with varying needs. The prospect of attracting a mixed demographic makes Affinity at Serangoon a worthwhile long term investment, attracting a variety of developments that will carry residents from generation to generation.

Ohmyhome Hits Private Home Transactions

Ohmyhome now provides agent service for private property owners and commenced its exclusive New Launch Discovery Tour for Affinity at Serangoon, The Garden Residences and Riverfront Residences conducted by its new launch specialists.

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