HDB Costs

Is your HDB resale earning you as much profit as you believe? Here are five things to deduct from your property sales proceeds when calculating profits. Outstanding Mortgage Loan – Any outstanding loan on the current flat will be deducted from the resale price, if sufficient. Otherwise, this balance amount has to be paid. CPF Monies Used- Any CPF amount used to purchase a flat must be returned with interest. However, flat 55 years or older, may be eligible for CPF refunds. Resale Levy- A resale levy will be charged if a flat is being sold to purchase another subsidised flat or Executive Condominium. Resale levy exemptions apply for those buying a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat, an EC where land sale was launched before 9 December 2013 from a developer, HDB resale flat and private residential property. Upgrading Costs- This depends on whether you are the owner of the flat during the date in which the upgrade bill is issued. Upgrading Levy- After sales, the flat sold is in an upgraded precinct, an upgrading levy will be charged. You may be exempted if you are a Singapore Citizen who benefitted from the Main Upgrading Programme (MUP).