HDB Living

HDB living is the pride and joy that characterises the Singaporean lifestyle – Families from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures coexisting together harmoniously. In recent years, some bemoan the death of the kampong spirit. Here are three tips to help foster kinship with your neighbours! Always greet them with a smile- when you walk past your neighbours, don’t ignore them! A simple smile and cheerful “Good morning!” goes a long way to brightening someone’s day! Lend a helping hand- Simple acts of kindness such as helping to carry groceries or holding the elevator door could be all it takes to spark the beginning of a friendship. Partake in community activities- with community centers catering such a wide range of cultural, sporting and arts activities, there’s no reason to shy away from them. Afterall, commonalities are what forges friendships and builds communities. HDB living is what we make it to be. Let’s keep the flame of the kampong spirit burning brightly!