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Want to know the latest proeprty and HDB news? The property market was doing well in 2019 when more people started buying HDB flats. As we all know, the market price plunged in 2020 when the impact of the coronavirus hit. But what policies encouraged the growth that we saw in 2019? Furthermore, what policy changes were made to encourage growth and prevent stagnation? Knowing these facts is the key to becoming literate about the property market, and can determine whether or not you make a profit when selling a home or buy a home for a price much higher than its actual worth. A Brief Overview In 2019, CPF ruled that buyers who wish to purchase an old resale flat with less than 60 years left to its lease will be subjected to the following rules: A buyer can use his CPF to finance the flat if his age combined with the remaining lease adds up to 95 and above The percentage of property lease payable via CPF is subject to factors including the buyer’s age and other home occupants. Keep up with this and more HDB news! Stay in the loop so that you know when and how to purchase a flat in the next exciting HDB town developments.