Home Staging

Many home sellers have their property listed on the market for months without getting many viewers. But that need not be the case. Ohmyhome agents go out of their way to create the best first impression for home buyers. There are three ways that home staging can benefit you: Home staging helps sell your home faster- Many home sellers often cite a quick turnaround the moment they hire Ohmyhome agents, with increased viewings and closing of deals within short periods of time. In fact, staged homes have been proven to sell 88% faster than non-stage homes. Secondly, home staging increases your property’s value- speed is not the only benefit. Your home can fetch a higher price without you having to spend a dime. When it comes to home selling, impression is everything. Home staging highlights the best aspects of your home, and rightfully so, granting home sellers 20% more profit than unstaged homes. Finally, home staging helps you get more savings with less stress- The quicker you sell your home, the less time you spend on carrying costs. Best of all, you do not have to waste months fretting over whether your home will sell. With so many benefits, there is simply no reason not to home stage.