Interior Design Singapore

How do you get interior design just right? That feeling when you walk into a room and know instinctively, even without any knowledge of design, that the home has achieved a comprehensive look. Do you want to be greeted by that look of perfection every single day when you wake up, and after you return from work? Here are the basics of home interior design. Firstly, balance is everything. The simplest way to achieve this is to use symmetry or form that splits the room evenly into two. However, radial balance can also be an interesting way to create visual equilibrium by selecting a central focal point and letting all other elements radiate around it. Next, rhythm. As in music, repetition of shapes and colours at intervals in pillow arrangement, paintings, rug frills, photo frames, and whatever you can think of will help direct the eyes of you and your visitors. Emphasis. A room can have the best decor, but still appear cluttered if every single item is competing for attention. Select one or two furniture that brings out your personality, and let all other decor harmonise with that element.