Interior Designer

It’s not truly home unless the interior screams YOU! Ohmyhome has in-house interior designers to provide you with unique home renovation designs suitable to your lifestyle. With so many flats being built lately, your home may look just like your neighbours unless you take it upon yourself to do an extreme makeover. Interior Design Ideas – you can redesign your living space and make it your own by hacking down the walls for more space or creating a dual kitchen space with compartmentalised areas for wet and dry cooking. How about embracing wild, unconventional layouts, or the neat, Japanese Muji-inspired look? The possibilities are limitless. When to Redecorate? Interior design does not have to be a one time event. Of course, making sure that you get the base interior right the first time round upon purchase is important, as this will set the tone for the types of design work that will be feasible in your home. Further down the road, however, when your original idea becomes stale, never be afraid to switch things up! Interior design can do wonders to liven up the mood for gatherings, birthdays and festivities. Best of all, it can also turn out to be the best birthday present. Afraid of taking the hammer to your home? Entrust your ideas to an interior designer. With years of experience under their belt, interior designers the changes made to your home will be suitable, cost appropriate, and most importantly, stunning!