Private Property News

Singapore’s reputation as a country of rich people is not entirely unfounded. Singapore’s private property market is one of the world’s most expensive housing markets. In fact, most who can afford to purchase one of the world’s most lucrative assets end up slogging away for their entire lives to pay off housing loans. On the flipside, purchasing a private property on Singaporean soil could mean that you have breached one of the world’s most exclusive barriers. While 80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, a whole different range of rules and regulations apply to private properties. For example, there are no HDB loans given out for private properties, meaning that all private property buyers must finance their loans through commercial bank loans. What’s more, while your public housing counterparts are able to borrow for up to 90% of their property’s price and have no need to make any cash down payment, private housing buyers may only borrow a maximum of 75% of a home’s purchase price. Get the latest updates on the private property news Through Ohmyhome. Subscribe now.