Expanding into Malaysia just last year, Ohmyhome is one of the fastest growing proptech companies, and the first to provide cross-border services between Malaysia and Singapore. With sights set on the Philippines as the third country in the Southeast Asia expansion, Ohmyhome is shaking up the property market with its innovative, customer-centered approach, providing a full range of services to give customers the guidance and assurance they need and make the most informed decisions when transacting their new property. In its short history, the Singapore proptech has raised over US$2.9 million and is continually growing from strength to strength in numbers and influence. Founded by sisters Rhonda and Race Wong, Ohmyhome’s mobile app has recorded more than 300,000 downloads with an average of 175,000 monthly active users. Ohmyhome is a shining example of how proptech companies can truly transform the lives of people. Through the power of technology, Ohmyhome is bridging the gap of expertise and knowledge and bringing quality services that consumers need at affordable and accessible prices.