Selling Property Singapore

If you have reached a point where you are contemplating selling your property in Singapore, you would have reached a milestone in life that many wish to arrive at. But before you go ahead and make your first big asset sale, check out what’s on the market. You can gain valuable insight into market prices by logging onto the Ohmyhome app to browse listings, or simply get a quotation from our knowledgeable and dedicated team of property agents. If you are not satisfied with the price quotation after surveying the market or receiving a valuation quotation, consider how you may increase your property’s value, either through maintenance works or marketing your home in a better light. Looking out for defects in your home and fixing them before opening your doors for home viewings or doing virtual home tours can mean the difference in profiting from a sale, breaking even or even selling at a loss. Once you are ready, selling a property in Singapore will take you on a long, arduous process. However, Ohmyhome’s writers and property agents are here to help you every step of the way. Let us navigate you through a seamless property selling journey.