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Affinity at Serangoon VS Riverfront Residences



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Are you looking for a new launch condominium in the North-East? We have shortlisted two new launch properties and compared them in a few aspects.

Facts Riverfront Residences Affinity at Serangoon
Developer Rio Casa Venture Pte Ltd
Joint Venture between:

  • Oxley Holdings Limited
  • KSH Holdings Limited
  • SLB Development Ltd and
  • Apricot Capital

Oxley Serangoon Pte. Ltd.
Singapore listed developer.

Oxley Holdings Limited
with international presence
across 11 countries

Tenure 99-year leasehold w.e.f. 31 May 2018 99-year leasehold w.e.f. 18 May 2018
Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Dec 2024 Dec 2024
Site Area 36,811.10 sqm 27,583.90 sqm
Facilities 101 facilities 88 Facilities
Total Units 1472 1052
Unit Type and Size (sq ft) Riverfront Residences Affinity at Serangoon
1 Bedroom 463-581 463-560
1+1 BR 517-635 538-689
2 BR 603-689 635
2 BR + 1 NA 624
2 BR Premium 721-861 753-775
3 BR 872-1087 850-1012
3 BR Deluxe NA 1152-1259
3 BR Premium 1066-1292 1076-1249
4 BR 1410-1625 NA
4 BR + 1 NA 1410-1711
4 BR Premium 1485-1711 NA
4 BR Penthouse NA 1561-1701
4 BR + 1 Penthouse NA 1550
Strata Landed 4BR 2109 2056-2077
Strata Landed 5BR NA 2303-2347
5-Bedroom 1679-1905 NA

Ohmyhome New Launch Condo Hougang Riverfront Residences

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)

Both Affinity at Serangoon and Riverfront Residences have their TOP dates in December 2024. Both are 99-year leasehold properties commenced on May 2018. There is no significant difference between these two properties in this aspect. Hence, it is a draw for both of them.

Riverfront Residences – 1 | Affinity at Serangoon – 1

Unit Types and Sizes

For the unit types, Affinity at Serangoon has an edge over Riverfront Residences as it has 3 more varieties. Even though there are unit types that Riverfront Residences has but Affinity at Serangoon does not, Affinity at Serangoon still wins with a slight margin.
If you are keen in looking for a strata-landed property, Affinity at Serangoon offers more options with their strata-landed 4 and 5 bedrooms.

Riverfront Residences – 1 | Affinity at Serangoon – 2

Location and Transportation

Affinity at Serangoon and Riverfront Residences are both located in mature estates, Serangoon and Hougang respectively, both in the North-East Region of Singapore.

Affinity at Serangoon is situated near to Serangoon Gardens, Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Serangoon Garden Day Market, myVillage and other F&B establishment. Meanwhile, Riverfront Residences is located near Hougang MRT Station, Hougang Mall, The Midtown, Kang Kar and many more.

If you are one who relies heavily on public transport, Riverfront Residences may appeal to you more as it is a mere 10 minutes walking distance from the development. Based on the availability of transportations, Riverfront Residences is a clear winner due to its close proximity to MRT station.

Riverfront Residences – 2 | Affinity at Serangoon – 2


To families with children, school is definitely one of the most important aspects when choosing their new home.

Riverfront Residences Affinity at Serangoon
  • CHIJ (Our Lady Of The Nativity) (600 m)
  • Holy Innocent’s High School (800 m)
  • Montfort Secondary School (1.9 km)
  • Blossom Educare Centre (650 m)
  • The Montessori Playroom (1.1 km)
  • Serangoon Secondary School (1.0 km)
  • Zhonghua Primary School (1 km)
  • Rosyth Primary School (1 km)
  • Xinmin Primary School (1.6 km)
  • CHIJ (Our Lady Of Good Counsel) (2.4 km)
  • Serangoon Garden Secondary School (700 m)
  • Nanyang Junior College (2.9km)

It seems that the number of schools within each development is fairly on par however when we based on the 1 km criterion for primary school, Affinity at Serangoon beats Riverfront Residences.

Riverfront Residences – 2 | Affinity at Serangoon – 3

Smart Home Feature

Smart Home feature is a common sight in new developments. Unlike Riverfront Residences, Affinity at Serangoon does not have such feature. According to a Europe research, smart home feature can effectively boost a home’s resale value by up to 5%. So, if you are one that place high value on smart home feature, Riverfront Residences may be your preferred choice.

Riverfront Residences – 3 | Affinity at Serangoon – 3

Riverfront Residences performs better in terms of smart home feature and the accessibility to public transport while Affinity at Serangoon surpasses Riverfront Residences with the abundant of room types and primary schools within 1KM.

However, no doubt that these new launches have their own strengths.

So, Riverfront Residences or Affinity at Serangoon?

Join our New Launch Discovery Tour on these two amazingly hot new launches and decide for yourself.

Ohmyhome will provide you with the research materials and past transactions to guide you through.

Daily Tour Times: 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm.

Call 6886 9009 to register now!

Contributor: Leow Wei Min

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