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Singapore Property Agents Team of Ohmyhome in Singapore

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Maelyn Lagman

Maelyn Lagman

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Updated: 12 April 2021

Ohmyhome has successfully built a strong network of top-performing real estate agents within just four years of its inception, a feat reinforced by their spots in the upper ranks of Singapore’s Top 30 agents. These close-knit “Super Agents” are known for their record-breaking closing speed, holding an average of 55 days to match you with the right buyer-an anomaly in the local property market. To date, an Ohmyhome agent’s fastest sales transaction was within one day.

Ohmyhome Super Agents can match sellers with buyers in just 55 days.

As industry leaders in sales and customer satisfaction, Ohmyhome’s Super Agents can sell your HDB flat in the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way. How do they do it?

What to expect when you engage Ohmyhome HDB seller agent services

Ohmyhome agents are full-time employees of the company, unlike freelancers or part-timers in external real estate agencies. Where others have to spend their own money on resources, our Super Agents are wholly provided for: Supported by Ohmyhome’s comprehensive resources, they have access to the in-house tech, marketing, and customer support teams, as well as the mortgage, legal, renovation, and maintenance services. When you engage our HDB seller agent services, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these as well.

Dive Deeper: What To Expect From Ohmyhome Condo Seller Agents

The first and arguably the most essential factor you can expect from Ohmyhome HDB seller agent services is:

There are two types of payment packages

Each package depends on whether you do or don’t sign an Exclusive Estate Agency Agreement with Ohmyhome, which then defines your eligibility to pay our fixed rates. You can refer to the table below to compare our two packages:

Each package depends on whether you do or don’t sign an Exclusive Estate Agency Agreement with Ohmyhome.

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1. Consultation With Homeowner/s

When your appointed Super Agent meets with you at home, they will:

  • Get to know more about you
  • Learn why you want to sell your HDB flat
  • Find out your future property goals
  • Understand your current financial situation (Do you have any outstanding loans? CPF refunds? What are your expected cash proceeds?)
  • Figure out the best timeline (Do you have a place after you sell your property? When should you start moving? When can the buyers move in?)

Consultations with your property agent is the first step to establishing the next steps in your selling journey.

They will also be presenting Ohmyhome-its history and products-and a property market report from our in-house tech team to lay out their game plan in selling your HDB flat.

2. Market Research on Your Home’s Estimated Valuation

Knowing the estimated valuation of your HDB flat is an integral part of the sales transaction, as it is crucial in the negotiating process with the buyer later on. (Pro tip: A valuation is how much your property is worth.)

Ohmyhome uses high quality technology to simplify the estimation of your home valuation.

Ohmyhome has an in-app Valuation Calculator that will give you an unbiased assessment of what your home might be worth in today’s market once you’ve entered the necessary information of your HDB flat. You can bring this up to your Super Agent during the consultation and hear their expert insights on the property market’s actual state and your home’s valuation.

Dive Deeper:

3. Financial Calculation and Timeline Planning

Financial calculation and timeline planning are critical steps when selling your home, which means you’ll need all the help you can get from an expert. OurOhmyhome Super Agents will guide you through factors like:

  • Getting the estimated selling price
  • Outstanding loan
  • CPF refunds
  • Resale levy (if any)

With the help of your agent and Ohmyhome’s in-app financial planning calculators, you will be able to calculate how much you will get from your sales proceeds. In support of this step, your Ohmyhome agent will highlight the timeline of your whole HDB selling journey, starting from when HDB accepts your Intent to Sell to the actual HDB completion date.

Dive Deeper:

4. Assist in Completing Intent To Sell

To sell your HDB flat, you will first need to confirm your eligibility to do so. You can do this by registering an Intent to Sell with HDB and getting their approval; our agent will ensure your eligibility to sell by certifying no crucial information and documents were left out.

5. Photo-Taking of Flat & Guaranteed Aggressive Advertising

Once you’ve gotten your approval from HDB, our Ohmyhome agents will help you with marketing your flat by taking professional, high-resolution photos of your home and posting that along with your listing on the Ohmyhome app.

Ohmyhome agents will help you with marketing your flat by taking beautiful photos of your home to post with your listing.

With the current safety distancing guidelines of the Singapore government, the Ohmyhome app has enhanced its tech to accommodate virtual tours of homes, which your agent can help you out with as well.

Dive Deeper: Are Virtual Tours the New Norm?

The marketing process does not stop there. You can expect your home to be marketed aggressively to target buyers by Ohmyhome’s seasoned marketing team. They will be in charge of advertising your home, not your agent, through laser-focused digital marketing strategies that directly drive your advertisements to target buyers.

6. Database Matching of Potential Buyers & Arrange Viewings

Ohmyhome will also scour its database of more than 375,000 genuine users to match you with a buyer. By understanding an HDB flat buyer’s requirements, the Ohmyhome app can automatically connect your needs with theirs, just like a match made in heaven. Once it’s compiled a list of potential buyers, your agent will start arranging and conducting viewings of your home.

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7. Negotiate Price and Conditions of Sale

You can also expect your Ohmyhome agent to assist you in negotiating the purchase price for your HDB flat. You might be too shy to negotiate your home sale prices and conditions, but you can trust that your agent won’t be; this is the area where their skills will truly shine.

As property agents are trained and experienced in navigating hard and awkward discussions about money, you won’t have to worry about getting lowballed. Negotiating the price and terms of a sale is the muscle they’ve mastered to flex in their career.

At this stage, you can expect them to close the deal-the exact reason you engaged them in the first place.

8. Issue Option To Purchase (OTP)

Found the right buyer? Time for the next step: Issue the OTP. (It’s a legal agreement between the buyer and you, the seller, to buy your home.) Our Super Agents will then help you negotiate the buyer’s offer, agree on the Option Fee amount, and issue the OTP-of course, with your approval.

Dive Deeper: Granting of OTP and Option Fee

9. Submit HDB Resale Application & Advice on Resale Portal Procedure

After your agent has helped you issue the OTP, the buyer(s) will have 21 days to exercise it. After this, you will have to submit your HDB Resale Application with all the supporting documents needed. Don’t worry; your agent will know precisely what is required, where to get it, and when to submit it. Your only job here is to fill in some key details, and you’re all set.

Dive Deeper: Timeline for Selling an HDB Resale Flat: HDB Resale Procedure in 2020

10. Conduct Final Inspection of the Flat

Final flat inspections are done to check the vacant possession of your home.

Once all the paperwork has been signed and submitted, it’s finally time for you to say good-bye to your HDB flat. However, before you begin moving, you can expect your agent to conduct a final inspection of your home to ensure you are not leaving anything behind and settle any outstanding GIRO arrangements or payments, as advised by HDB.

11. Attend HDB Resale Completion Appointment (Completion Date)

Once that’s done, your agent will attend the HDB Resale Completion Appointment with you at the HDB Hub, located in Toa Payoh. You will be assisted in signing the transfer document and hand over the keys to your buyers.

At the time of writing, real estate salespersons are not allowed to accompany you to attend the completion appointment at HDB Hub because of the safe distancing restrictions. However, your Ohmyhome agent will always be available by phone should you require assistance at the appointment.

Dive Deeper: HDB Resale Completion Appointment: 6 Commonly Asked Questions by Home Buyers Answered

12. Dedicated Customer Support Team

Throughout the whole selling process, you will receive constant updates via your Ohmyhome WhatsApp group chat and email, as overseen by the Ohmyhome Customer Support team. They will be your main point of contact; apart from your agent, you can ask them any pending questions you might have whenever your agent is unavailable.


Engage any of Ohmyhome HDB flat agents at a fixed rate!

Fulfil all your property needs with the help of our Ohmyhome HDB seller agents and walk away satisfied.

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Engage our Super Agents to sell your HDB flat
Sell your HDB flat quickly and simply!


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